Dear David: pay midwives what your ministry recommends we are worth!
Midwives continue to wait for the Ministry of Health to fix low pay for midwives in New Zealand
A healthy deal for everyone?
After a protracted bargaining and the threat of strike action in July - HSWN report on how this offer does not give a living wage to everyone -which is not good for health.
Going beyond the impasse
The independent panel recommendations will not solve the impasse it was intended to fix. But the recommendations, and the submission by NZNO did show that there is opportunity —  Health Sector Workers Network explain.
DHBs run public campaign against health workers in effort to resolve pay dispute
The latest offer from the DHBs to NZNO members has been delivered in a way to play into public opinion. Health Sector Workers Network review the misinformation, the tactical move and the missing information from the DHB release
“Gutted!” Midwives response to 2018 Budget
A response to the release of the 2018 budget written by a collective of midwives capturing the failure to adequately live up to pre-budget promises.
Not over-budget… under-resourced!
With the 2018 budget just around the corner, HSWN wanted reflect on the phrase “We are not over budget, we are under resourced”.
Vote strike for health
With NZNO members currently voting on whether to strike - this video is a reminder that it is not just NZNO members who will be affected by this vote and that support is wider than just those members voting
18in18 flyer for distribution
HSWN have developed a basic flyer for the 18in18 campaign which give a straight forward description of the demands.
Why should health workers in DHBs expect an 18% pay rise in 2018?
With District Health Board (DHB) nurses in the Nurses Union voting no to their latest 2% pay offer, union members need to set some demands. If members expect a certain percentage increase, then there needs to be a clear figure in people’s minds. If this is not clear, then what are people fighting for?
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