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A future automated hospital – a thought experiment

Somewhere in the future, hospitals may become fully automated. Where will the workers be? What will our health system be like? Are we collectively moving towards an exciting and egalitarian future, or will it be more of the same but just with gadgets?

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What is HSWN?

Health Sector Workers Network was set up to connect workers across the health sector.

No matter the professional group, we are all workers. We should not be divided.

A true collective workers movement has to unite all groups in the health sector.

we must promote solidarity in the health sector

What is solidarity?

In a society that is increasingly divided, atomised and isolating, there is a great need to realise that our individual experiences are often not solely happening to us alone. When people say "solidarity", it is meant as an expression of connectedness; a call to stand together for a shared responsibility.

In our present social and political context, solidarity is a radical act